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Why Does Japan Still Lie?

Joyoboyo, a king of Kediri Kingdom, life in Java Island in Century XIII, once forecasted that this Archipalago State would be ruled by dwarf, pile-skinned, black-sugar cane-armied and his nature would be short like the age of corn. Later when Dutch surrendered in 1942 and Japan arrived in Indonesia then gave up to Alliance Forces, the prognosis was interpreted that Japan colonized this country in such short time 3.5 years.

Although taking over in a minute, - Joyoboyo described as long as corn’s age-, Japan really made Indonesian seriously suffered. At the Japan’s colonization, all belongings on the whole Indonesian Islands was carried away, young people should be romusha (forced worker) or soldier, a lot of women were raped and became Japanese’ s Geisha.

First time arriving in Tarakan, East Kalimantan, They admitted as elder brother, who freed Indonesian from Dutch, the colonizer. When Dutch surrendered and Japan conquered Java Island on March 8, 1942, the lying elder brother persuaded Indonesian leader and Indonesian independen movement figures to assist Japan. Some Indonesian Leader, including Soekarno, wished to be collaborator of Japan. Even He happened to be a supervisor of Indonesian young romusha developing railways in Java and South-East Asia that connected Burma, Indo-China to China, hundreds were death of the forced work. In the Book Soekarno, 1901-1950 by Lambert Giebels, Soekarno admitted it as a mistake. “ If I as might as well should victimize thousands of lives to save millions, I willingly did. We involved in the great agony between dead or life, “ Soekarno said. At that time it seemed to be that he did not have another choice in the pressed situation only a will of Japan. “ The Romusha conscription was a meaningful contribution for the sake of the Great East Asia Commonwealth, and we wished that the Japanese Leader would deliver sincere gratitude to us. “ He added. He Strongly believed that Japan would grant Indonesia Independence.

But the wish was fruitless. Even they made Soekarno present Indonesian women of Padang, West Sumatra to be their geisha. Based on 127 documents found by the Japanese Ministry of Health and Defense Board, Indonesian women were becoming victims of sexual desire of Japanese despite women from Korea and China. According to chief of Central Communication of ex Heiho Forum, there are 60.000 Indonesian Women who had been victim of Japanese’ sexual desire release.

Those women, according to the collected data, before hand were lied by Japanese That they would get educational scholarship and proper job but then they were sheltered in the brothel house. They should serve 5-10 Japanese soldiers everyday. Women who could not be coaxed were forcedly carried to the site of Japanese’ sexual release. The same treatment also hit Dutch Women who still lived in Indonesia. Documents at Dutch National Archives stated that a Dutch woman had been forced to be whore by Japan in Java. They resided in a place so-called obstruction camp. Based on the Dutch women’s witness, there were 100 women forced to be geisha of Japanese’ s depraved sexual desire. As consequence, a mount of women from Indonesia, Europe, Singapore, or China experienced mental disorder, even, many of them committed suicide.

Despite destroying Indonesian women, Japanese seized their wealth as well. The entire metal-made tool and equipment on earth of Indonesia, including Pan to cook and railway were carried away with army truck to their country, we do not know what for? The rich people, who possessed jewel, were asked to hand over the thing to them. Newspaper, Soeara Asia of Surabaya said in 1944, “ the jewel is very urgent for the sake of war and it is to ensure the final winning and the glory of the great East Asia. “ A lie that has never been proofed until Indonesia gets Independence. At that time the collected polished diamond reached more 20 thousands-carat. There was no accountability. Indonesian people lived in sorrow, wore jute-made clothes, that is rough-sack material, and ate bulgur, food for domesticated animal. According to our old people, the Japan’s colonization, though in a short time 3.5 years, was miserable to people.

When occupied Indonesia, Japan acted fascism like what Adolph Hitler did in Europe. In Japan’ s occupying, Indonesian were forced to pray tenno heika, the king of sky, the God from Tokyo. For Indonesian who are moslem, that was against their religion because it was syirik , belief to more than one god, the never forgiven sin.

Although Indonesian had hand over their suffering and submission to Japan, the older brother never gave prosperity instead of deep sorrow. The promised welfare and liberty were only lip service, once Japan should surrender to the alliance forces due to the bombing on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Indonesia was about to be the reparations payment of Japan to the Alliance Forces and it was lucky that Indonesian youngster bravely made Indonesian movement leaders like Soekarno, Hatta and others proclaimed the Indonesian’s Independence on August 17, 1945. If They had still expected Japan, Indonesia would not been existed up to now.

In fact, since ever, Japan still tries to imperilize Indonesia through monopoly and economic influence fraudulently. In Soeharto-ruled-new order government, Japan without a shame bribe Indonesian officials to attain some projects and market segment for their product in Indonesia. Until now there is no begging pardon word delivered by Japanese government to Indonesian people on those capital sins. Something funny is that some books of senior and junior high school quoted beautifully that Japan was the only country that helped Asia countries in obtaining their liberties and prosperity. Particularly on Indonesia, the book of the new history of Japan (Shin Nihon No Rekhishi) published in 1991, mentioned, “ The Indonesia’s Independence was proclaimed under Soekarno’s leadership, and later having been defeated, Japan gave weapons to Indonesian. “ Japan always reiterates their suffering as the alliance forces beat it in the pacific war in 1945. Japan often mentions its self, as a victim of the force so how is fate of the countries that Japanese forces used colonize them brutally? So do not ever lie to the new generation and international community. Please beg pardon or admit the mistake occurred in the past so there will be no hindrance in this civilized international life. Why does it still lie?

Jakarta, August, 2001
Ahmad Taufik
Journalist of TEMPO weekly magazine, Jakarta, Indonesia

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