Selasa, November 07, 2006

About Me

Ahmad Taufik

I have written various articles in dozens of newspapers, tabloid and magazines, since 1985. Yet, my career in journalistic began with Estafet, a monthly magazine. At the same time I also supported KIBLAT, a biweekly Islamic news magazine and Eksponen, a weekly news tabloid (1986-1989). Then, I worked for TEMPO weekly news magazine (1989 -1994 - until government banned this magazine at 21st June 1994). Fortunately, a couple weeks later, I got a chance to be a crew of CBS TV-based Tokyo at APEC Jakarta (1994). Eventually, I took a part as a team of journalists who worked for a Sunday edition of Media Indonesia daily, from December 1994 till 16th March 1995.

My career, suddenly, blurred when I was arrested by Indonesian police at 16th March 1995 following the AJI’s social gathering at Hotel Wisata, Jakarta. Moreover, I had to face a reality as a prisoner at four different prisons, after judges believed that I had violated an article of showing hatred against Indonesian government and published an unlicensed media with my colleagues: Eko Maryadi and Danang Kukuh Wardoyo. Finally, having spent 2 years and 7 months in prisons, at 19th July 1997 judge released me on parole. A month later I joined with D&R weekly magazine.

After Soeharto step aside, and TEMPO re-launching, I comeback jointed with TEMPO as a Chief of Bureau at September 1998 until Februari 2000. Coordinator of regional and foreign correspondents (assistant of reportage Coordinator) untuk March 2001. After as editor for Law and Crime. Editor of Tempo Interaktif (online) and now, back to magazine as editor for International Section.

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